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How to Save Your SEO Zombies Content?

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This morning, I read a news on the Search Engine Watch, the title of which is Content Zombies: How to Fight The Walking Dead. This article smartly points out the common problems that hides in almost every SEO company or SEO work by the vivid metaphor of the famous film - Plants Vs. Zombies. The writer regards the dead content as the zombies and comes up with some practical solutions. Well, frankly speaking, content plays an really very important role in search engine optimization and it can bring countless visitors and traffics to websites if used reasonably. However, many people tend to neglect it and the content created by them is more and more no-go and dull, let alone to attract readers and search engines. What should you know is that both search engines and readers are fond of the new fresh contents and dislike the copied or dull articles. So, how to solve your zombies content?

First of all, let's check it whether your content is a zombie. As we have introduced in the part above or in our previous articles, your content should be suitable for the appetite of both search engines and readers or your potential consumers. You should get close to your content, lean in and see if your content lives and breathes. Or you should pay attention to whether your contents can attract the interests of your audience and the attention of social media. Well, if your content doesn't have a pulse, it may be a content zombie.

But what can you do to save your content zombie? Is it properly to replace all your contents entirely? Actually, although your content have no pulse, or it can't bring visitors or traffics to you, you can change it to a better situation. What should you do is to rethink your content purpose and review your content for the customer focus. For example, you should think from the view of consumers. Your product description should identify the needs of consumers.

Get into your clients' heads and try to find what are the problems and interests of them and find the best solutions. Try your best to make your content to live up to their needs when your content is still moaning. Do not change your topic casually, and what should you do is to find a more useful and interesting way to replace your old method.

What's more, you should be clear that you can't get mass reproduction of only one or few articles. You can't rank well though you rewriting the same concept with different words and sentences since it is in vain actually. As you know, Google updates regularly and frequently, so there is no use to cheat the search engine by releasing the same or similar articles or contents to main search engines. You are advised to bring fresh ideas or creative thoughts to your content. Well, articles or contents that you use for seo services are not like vampires and fine wine, and they will decay with the time and age. Search engine show strong affection to the fresh and current information. So keep your articles or content new by adding new thoughts and so on.

Well, content zombies are dangerous to your website since they will have bad influence upon your ranking. Well, you can try to rework manufacturer's product description to uniquely address the needs of your consumers. And you should analyze the needs and problems of your consumers and come up with the best solutions. Update your contents regularly to make it fresh and green.

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