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Brief Introduction to the Black Hat SEO

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You must have heard of the so-called black hat SEO and the white hat seo, right? These are totally different SEO methods or techniques that are used to achieve higher ranking in search engines. To be frank, white hat seo is ethical while black hat seo is unethical and cheating method. Black hat seo is also known as spam indexing. It uses cheating or unethical methods to achieve higher ranking actually. This kind of seo method has betrayed the search engine guidelines and may result in bad influence to websites finally.

The main techniques of black hat seo are as follows: using link farm to generate links, using doorway or jump pages, using duplicate content, spamming forums and blogs. Generally speaking, link farm is a process of exchanging reciprocal links with websites in order to increase search engine optimization. What should you know is that top search engines like Google, Yahoo do not approve this kind of method and they will regard this as spam and put it in place a system to ban those sites. While doorway page refers to a fake page that can't be seen by users but it can be used to attract the attention of search engines to trick them into indexing the site. Using duplicate content which is copyed from other sites will be penalized and booked for plagiarism. This kind of method have no use or benefit for users, and its aim is to cheat search engine actually. Another common black hat seo technique to gain higher ranking is to use spam forums and blogs. The content of these kinds of blogs or forums is unrelated and full of links which will be found easily and punished by search engines.

What should you remember is that your website will be punished by search engine spiders sooner or later no matter how superb black hat technique you may use. So, there are some famous black hat methods that should be avoided when you do SEO. For example, do not insert exhaustive lists of keywords at the bottom of your site to attract search engine spiders to index your site. What's more, avoid ludicrous keyword stuffing. Although keyword usage is vital for any site to improve its ranking, the unnatural way to use keywords will lead to resentment both of search engines and users. So, you are advised to get away from keywords stuffing. Steer clear of creating doorway pages and putting ads or URLs of various sites on it. Last but not least, do not post large number of comments that only contain your site's URL.

Frankly speaking,  you are advised to get away from the black hat seo techniques though it can help rank higer quickly. Or you'll be punished by search engines and your website will be affected actually.


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