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Tips on How to Optimize Images for SEO

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There is no doubt that images play an important and irreplaceable part both in web pages and  websites. Generally speaking, most people tend to be attracted by the attractive pictures or images. So, knowing how to optimize images is really important to search engine optimization (SEO). It is better if you have rich acknowledge about image search and how does it works. Generally, image can be used to give readers an intuitive feeling about the text or data and so on. Images can be shown in the forms of picture, photo, graphics, chart, table and so on. All in all, it shows information to you in a more attractive and effective way. Nowadays, more and more webmasters tend to get a better SEO effect by optimizing images for search engine. Well, this is really a good way or strategy to get more attraction from readers or viewers which can direct more traffics to your web page and web sites actually. Here we will give you a brief introduction on how to optimize images for professional seo.

The image has not been given the corresponding and sufficient attention in the past. The great features of image have been ignored by webmasters before. In fact, image can help a lot in getting more visitors and traffics. Now, you can see more and more website owners are eager to use it in order to get more traffic to their website. We usually optimize images for the web that will appear on search engines or on photo sharing sites, like Flicker, or on social image sharing sites. You may wonder why it is important for all webmasters to get the method on how to optimize their images for web, right? Why? Actually, image search is steadily gaining power with over 360000 searches per month on the top search engines, like Google and Yahoo. The webmasters are driven by the effect of images actually since it is helpful for SEO.

When optimizing your images for SEO, remember that quality comes first. High-quality images are expected by almost all visitors since people tend to pay more attention to detailed pictures. You should ensure that your images can meet the needs of your visitors who can bring traffics to you. To make your images look better, you can make a resolution adjustment actually. There are various kinds of image processing tools which can help you process your images, like Photoshop, which is very popular among poeple both at home and abroad for many of its benefits. What should you remember when use Photoshop to edit your images is to click the Save for the Web option when saving  your image. So, please remember the first tip we show you: quality comes first when optimizing images.

Next, your must have heard of something about the image formats before, right? If you want to optimize your images for the web, it is better for you to remember saving your images in the formats of .jpeg for photos, .gif for animations, .png for logos and buttons and so on. Also, this step together with the former step can be regarded as the efforts to beautify your images itself.

Well, there are also other efforts that can be used for a faster loading and so on. So, you'd better spend time learning how to optimize your pictures to give both the visitors and search engines a good impression. Your efforts will never be in vain and you will be rewarded by more traffics and higher ranking actually. Hence, image optimization is a good SEO strategy actually.

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