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Tips on How to Do Link Exchange

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As we have introduced in our previous article, link exchange means exchanging your links with other websites to improve your website or page ranking. Frankly speaking, it has been very popular among webmasters since it has been created. Nowadays, link exchange still is a major part of internet marketing. It is an effective way to increase SEO traffics and ranking of your website by creating effective and proper link exchanges. Also, it has been proven to be the best way to increase your page ranking in Google.

However, there are many tips for you when doing link exchange with your cooperative websites. For example, it is not just to email a website and send them email to ask permission. There are various kinds of walks in the world and there are various kinds of websites in the world. Many websites are panelized by Google since they choose irrelevant websites as their cooperators.

What's more, the cooperators you choose should be the relevant sites, otherwise you will be penalized by Google since it can use link analysis method to rank your web page. Your website will be more valuable in Google's eye if you get more links with high quality from other relevant websites. Generally speaking, there is no need to pay for the link exchange, so it can help to expose your website to users without any cost. What's more, you can achieve targeted traffic by getting relevant links through exchanging links. If your exchange links with websites which have large exposure to online market, you will get many visitors to your webpage or website every day. So, it is obvious that choosing a right cooperative website is really of great importance. Well, exchange your links with similar or relevant websites since their visitors would be interested in your products and services.

You are advised to build a links page on your own website which is for links to other websites. Then find reliable websites as your cooperators to exchange your links. Try to find the relevant websites with reputation among readers. Do not choose website casually. Or you will be punished by search engines, like Google. Then email them to ask their permission to exchange links with your website. You should give them your link page address so that they can confirm that their link is there.

Well, what should you know is that it will be better for your website if you exchange links with high quality. Put more emphasis on the quality but not the quantity of links. And you are advised to choose relevant and good websites to exchange your links which will be better for your page ranking or website ranking.


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