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Why Image Optimization Is Important to SEO?

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Image optimization is one of the basic aspect of web design and search engine optimization or SEO. Considering that there are many websites that put much emphasis on user experience with the aim of running a successful website, and considering that image optimization can help to improve user experience, the image optimization seems more and more important for professional actually. An image can convey a complete message which can give users a descriptive information about your page or website acutally. The optimization of images includes many aspects, and it can bring countless traffics to your page or website and increase your search engine rankings if you use it in a right way.

Why image optimization is necessary for SEO? Well, proper implementation of image optimization decreases cost hosting of your website and it can help to lower PPC costs to some degree. And there is less or no obvious competition in image optimization and so on. All in all, there are many benefits of doing image optimization.

For example, the image optimization can make your webpage more attractive which should be the requirements of all webmasters. Generally, users will feel boring and monotonous if there are only texts in your web page. However, adding relevant images to your blog or website can change your ugly page to an interactive one. Rich content and proper images or pictures should be a better way to attract your viewers. What's more, it can get website optimized. For example, if you add a keyword in the image which describe your webpage, then it can be regarded as an effort to get your website optimized. In addition, people tend to be attracted by beautiful and useful things. So a good and relevant picture is attracting to many visitors. Google or Yahoo or other search engines will display your webpage if your image has a browsed name when people browses different images in website. As a result, more and more people will be led to your website. So, image optimization will be a good way to enhance traffics and search engine ranking.

There are many efforts can be done to optimize image for search engine optimization actually. Here we are happy to give you some suggestions. First of all, quality of image is of great importance. People tend to choose those high-quality images, so you'd better try your best to satisfy their requirements, then you can get their attention and get traffics and good impression. Make your images look good as thumbnails and in real size. Next, you are advised to use the proper format. It is better that you remember saving your images in .jpeg format for photos, .gif for animations and .png for logos, buttons and others. Then, what should you do is to refresh it regularly. Also, you are advised to use alt attribute of the image tag and the alt attribute should contain a relevent description.

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