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Something About Custom 404 Error Page

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Here in this article we will introduce one of the search engine optimization (SEO) tips to you - check 404 error pages on your website. You may ask what is a 404 error or why should we check it, right? Well, a 404 error is created to indicate that a file or page is not found in your website. We check it since it is very important to your search engine optimization. The function of the 404 error is that your site will tell your users that the page or file that they are requesting can't be found in your site whenever someone visits a page or file that haven't existed on your website already.

Well, a custom 404 error page seems much different. Generally it represents for the customized version of the 404 error. This kind of page provides a way to search your website or even go to another page via the navigation in your website. For example, your site will show a page which is like your current site and tell your users a page is valid or they did not get to a correct page. You can add whatever content that you like to your custom page if you have access to your server. Or you can put a search box or a site map on your error page. It is obvious that the goal of the custom 404 error is to stick your visitor on your website or page and let them still stay in on your website when what they are looking for has not been there. Or you can use the control panel to access and edit a file called .htaccess if you have access to your website server account. Well, you should notice that the .htaccess file can't normally be uploaded or downloaded by using FTP program.

Creating a custom error page really is very important for your website and professional seo services. You can decide the content of your error page. The content is up to you actually. It is important that you create a 404 error page and name it errorpage.html. A more standard type of error page can display more about products or service that are provided by your website. Ensure that what you add in the page is engaging and interesting enough to keep people stay longer on your site.

It is easy to create a custom error page actually. For example, you can add graphics, photos, flash animation to your error page. Or you can provide some links to selected content. You can also provide links to other websites that you wish to promote. Or you can use your error page to promote some of your products if you have an ecommerce site.

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