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The Relationship Between 404 Error Pages and SEO

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There are many things that can be done to improve search engine optimization (SEO), one of which is to use 404 error pages. 404 error pages can be regarded as the file name of the old and non-existent pages, the use of which is essential to seo services. To avoid broken links and non-existent pages being found by search engines, you can use the 404 error pages actually. What is the relationship between 404 error pages and seo? Do you know exactly what is 404 error pages? Don't worry since we will introduce it in the following parts.

Well, let's start with the introduction to 404 error pages at first. Many people are confused by what is the so-called 404 error. Well, a 404 DNS error can be regarded as a file not found error. Generally speaking, 404 DNS error represents for what you see when you type in a URL which no longer exists into your browser's address bar. Then you will see something like "404 - File Not Found". The reason for the error is that there may be a broken link or your page may have been removed from the website already. The web server will send a "404 Page not Found" when there is no web page to display actually. Generally, 404 error is an hypertext transfer protocol standards status code. The client may be able to communicate to the server, but the server can't find what was requested actually when it comes to the situation of 404 error. But attention, the 404 "Not Found" is similar but not the same as the "Server Not Found" error.

To be frankly, your search engine visibility will be affected by the 404 error. What can be done to solve this is to create a custom error page named 404.htm. When this page is extant on the server, the 404.htm is retured. There will be some vital elements of each 404 error page. For example, such error page should contain the same look and feel as the rest of the site, the error message, marked links to home page, site map and contact page and so on. Also, there should have a search box since it can provide the platform for users to search for their desired information from the 404 error page.

The 404.htm page is used to avoid both users and search engines using links to reach a non-existent page. The 404.htm page also can help in external links or user inputs contain typographical errors, which will be good for your search engine optimization. Users and search engines can reach the 404.htm page instead of receiving a 404 DNS error which will increases the stickiness of your website. With the use of 404.htm custom error page, both your users and the search engines can find the relevant content that they are looking.

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