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How to Improve User Experience?

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One of the effective SEO method is to improve user experience of your website. When many seo services companies focus on improving their ranking by increasing their traffics, there are also some companies start to realize that good user experience is the base of good traffics and ranking actually. Increasing ranking by improving user experience is an excellent way actually. There are many factors that affect the user experience and website's ranking, like page loading time, internal navigation, links, feedbacks and so on. How to improve user experience?

First of all, page loading time is an important factor that should be taken into your consideration actually. Taking your own feeling for example, you will be happy when you visit a website with short page loading time, while you will fell upset and disappointed when visiting a page with long loading time, right? Generally, no one is willing to spend time waiting the loading since there are so many resources in the internet can be used. So, they will turn to other websites with a short loading time for help if your loading time is long. Time is precious, especially in this fast speed society. No one would like to spend time waiting. The easiest solution to optimize a website for fast loading is to use a simple page layout. With this kind of design, it is very easy to create right HTML structure where the content comes first and all side elements and navigation menus are at the bottom of the page. Search engines put more weight on the top part of HTML file.

What's more, internal navigation is also very essential both for users and search engine optimization ( SEO). Internal navigation should be a path to discover all pages actually. Your website will get a better professional seo score and user experience if the pages are logically and hierarchically connected actually. It is known to all that both users and search engines can find other pages by following links. So, it is better if all your web pages can be found or reached easily only by following two or three links from the homepage. Well, you can see the importance of a good internal navigation. The most common place for a nav bar would probably be around the top of the page, above the fold and just below the logo.

Next, make sure it is easy to search and find content in your website. You should attention please, if there is no search bar in  your website. From my point of view, adding a search bar will dramatically improve the user experience actually. Or you can make a list of categories or even a tag cloud. You can through these to get what you need or want easily actually.

Also, you should take advantages of links in your website and avoid flash as much as possible can also help to get a better user experience. No one has enough time to wait for a page to load and see the flashy images and you will see a lot of visitors leaving without even entering your website in fact.

Another thing should be taken in to your consideration is to provide a way to contact with your users or consumers and provide feedbacks to them. You can leave an email address, then users can send you email when there is a need to do so. Every website is created for users, so there is no doubt that user experience plays an important role in search engine optimization.

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