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A Brief Introduction to Social Bookmarking

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Social bookmarking is not a strange word to people in SEO areas since it is widely used in search engine optimization actually. So, what is social bookmarking and what are the functions of bookmarking? We will give you a brief introduction to social bookmarking actually. Well, it can be regarded as a method for internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. Nowadays, there are many seo services companies provide this kind of service. One of the important features of social bookmarking systems is tagging which make it possible for its users to organize their bookmarks in a flexible way.

Social bookmarking is a fresh method and it only has a short history actually. The concept of shared online bookmarks can date back to 1996. Nowadays, there are many SEO companies provide this kind of service and online bookmarks service has become more and more competitive. For example, Backflip enabled users to email their bookmarks to other and displayed "Backflip this page" buttons on partner websites. While Blink included browser buttons on partner websites.

Social bookmarking is helpful to access consolidated set of bookmarks from different computers and share bookmarks with contacts. This can be applied to libraries as a way to provide lists of informative links to patrons. It is very popular among people both at home and abroad for many of its advantages. Many people tend to use it along with Chinese SEO services to enhance the exposure of their websites. It is much easier for your webpage to be found when it is submitted and tagged frequently. Well, social bookmarking also can generate backlinks to your website. So, more and more webmasters tend to improve their website's ranking in search engine by the social bookmarking service.

There are many features of social marketing actually. For example, you need to add description to your bookmarks in metadata which can make it easier for users to get information without downloading it actually. The description can be comments and so on. What's more, social marketing service can allow subscribers to notice bookmarks as they are saved, shared, and tagged by other users. It also helps to promote your sites by networking with other social book makers. Also, most users save links to web pages that they need to use or remember in the social bookmarking system. Bookmarks can be shared publicly.

Social bookmarking plays an important role in search engine optimization, or SEO. It allows users to rank the links actually. So, if your website can be marked by more people, or most users give good comments to your website, more and more users will know your links. You can optimize your website by opening your own accounts in various bookmarking which will bring large amount of traffics to you actually. So, it surely should be a part of  your professional SEO strategies.

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