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What Is the B2B Platform Marketing Strategy?

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Have you ever heard of the B2B platform? Or have you ever heard of the Alibaba or Made in China? Actually, they are the typical successful B2B platform. Generally speaking, business-to-business or B2B, describes commerce transactions between businesses. The trade can be between the wholesaler and retailer or between the manufacturers and wholesalers which is different from the B2C and B2G. B2C is business-to-consumer and B2G is business-to-government. Well, B2B platform really is a good SEO social marketing strategy, with which you can improve your ranking actually. You have been engaged in B2B marketing when you are working on selling to another business but not the consumers.

Thanks to the explosion of community, networking and other social media websites, B2B platform social marketing has become very popular since it really is very effective. B2B platform marketing has various kinds of benefits. For example, it can reach consumers directly and keep them up to date on your company and services. You can release your sell information through the B2B platform, and you can insert links which can be linked to your website to your products information actually. So, when people see your products information, they may click into your links actually. So, it surely can conduct more traffics to your website.

B2B business is also used together with social media sites, like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and so on. You may not know that 37 percent B2B buyers post questions on social media sites before purchasing to seek for suggestions from their friends on the social media sites. The social media sites can give you the ability to be found by the increasing number of B2B buyers if you establish a presence on the social media sites. The buyers prefer to engage with suppliers via social media and it can provide backlinks for your SEO. You can get many benefits from it if you regularly update your social media profiles and communicate with your consumers through social media regularly.

Frankly speaking, many SEO companies both at home and abroad are using this SEO method actually and it really is very effective. With the development of science and technology and with the use of computer, there will be more methods can be used in B2B platform.

Attention, please, you should ensure that you can update information on your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter  regularly and talk to your consumers sincerely since it will give a good impression to your consumers and can firm their decision to buy products from your website.

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