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How to Do Competitor Analysis?

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The competitor analysis actually is of great importance to the SEO. Generally speaking, the scope of analysis can be different since there are different industry and personal goals actually. By analyzing your competitors, you can have a better understanding of their optimization strategies and levels. And then you can make a detailed plan according to your analysis results. Here we will give you some suggestions on how to do competitor analysis.

First of all, you should find your competitor. The method is very simple and easy. For example, if the keyword in your own website is "scaffolding", then you can type this word into search engines, like Google, Yahoo and so on. This method will give you a most direct result of who are your competitors since you can see the search results and ranking clearly in the search engine, right? Well, this is not enough for you actually. What should you do next is to find out your main competitors.

Second, you can get some information about its domain age. The domain age is calculated from the date the domain was first indexed but not the date it was registered. You can do it by the Wayback Machine. Well, you can also analyze its inbound link quality. You can analyze the domain page to determine the number and quality of back-links for a given domain actually. You are advised to take into account the linking page to look at its title, URL, the context of the page and its theme as well. When you analyze its inbound link quality, you are also should pay attention to its anchor text.

You are also advised to analyze the meta tags of your competitors actually. As we have introduced in our previous articles, the meta tags include the title, keywords and description, right? Meta tags still are very useful for competitor analysis. For example, you can have a general comprehension on how your competitors are attempting to make their service outstanding when you see their meta description and their page titles actually.

Next, take consideration of the index saturation which is used to tell the indexed webpage numbers of a website. It is important for you to specify the correct URL when checking your competitors sites. What should you do if you find that yourself only have few pages indexed by search engine, while your competitors have thousands of indexed pages? Generally speaking, the search engine tend to show stronger affection to that kind of site.

Generally speaking, the competitor analysis really is important to the search engine optimization and the search engine optimization. There are various kinds of methods and tools that can be took advantage when analyzing your competitors. Knowing the merits and defects of your opponent is the best way or method to promote your growth.

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