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Competitor Research Is Important for SEO

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SEO, or search engine optimization is actually to improve your webpage's ranking in search engine. Just as the proverb goes, "All roads lead to Rome", as to the search engine optimization, there are also various kinds of methods and strategies. Well, when it comes to the optimization, it is not smart or wise to stare only at your own website. You are advised to pay more attention to your competitors' websites.

Well, what is the so-called competitor in professional seo areas? Generally speaking, the competitors are the people or companies who have the high ranking in search engine results for the same or similar products or services as you provide. Almost each company has many competitors since there are so many companies in the world provide the same or similar products or service. We need to research and analyze of our competitors and generally it is a vital part of SEO. Just as the Chinese proverb goes, "Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat." Only when you have a clear acquaintance about your competitors' optimization strategy, can you give a better one.

You should have a clear understanding of who are your leading competitors in the search engine optimization areas. We can say it is the basics of your success. By analizing or researching their websites, you can get a lot of useful information. For example, you can get a better idea of the market and your targetted users, the level of your optimization and so on.

You may be confused by the question that when to research and analyze your competitor, right? The best time to analyze your competitor is before you actually design your web site since you can make an acurate decisions about site content and the level of optimization on your pages, especially when you doing keywords research. So, you are advised to analyze them before you design your website. What should be taken into your consideration are the sites of your competitors, their page rank, and their optimization level.

So, you know that when doing SEO, you are not only required to have a clear information about your own website, you should also know your competitors clearly. Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. What should you know is that the analysis of your competitor should be connected with the research actually. As to what is the competitor analysis, we will give you the detailed information in our following articles. You can pay attention to the news in our website and we will release the news soon.

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