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Ten Basic Ways Help You to Counteract Google Panda

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The times of Google Panda is coming,and how to Counteract Google Panda becomes the most important thing we need to do. If we can't treat Google Panda friendly,it means that our SEO career will exprience the most difficult trial. There are ten basic ways which can help us to counteract Google Panda effectively

1st: Set up web page with different seo content

Google Panda has the higher standard about website content. So when are setting up your web page content,you should set up different seo content. If your site has multiple pages that target the same keyword, get rid of them immediately because this is simply drowning you.

2nd: A large number of low quality and duplicate link building

We all know that "link is queen" when it comes to website optimization. SEOer always post a large number of backlinks without considering their quality. Google Panda loves high quality links very much. What's more, when the anchor text of your backlinks is always the same (and it has a keyword in it), this is more than suspicious that this link hasn't been created naturally. This is why it is best if you use multiple variations of your keywords (or even better ?multiple keywords) as the anchor text of backlinks.

3rd: Post More Original Website Content For Google Panda

Google Panda loves the new and original website content,so post more original seo content is very necessary. These seo content includes news but also recently updated pages. In fact, about 35% of searches will be affected because preference will be given to current pages. Therefore,you should know what is Panda like if you want to attract Panda.

4th: Keep away from scraped content
For Google Panda,scraped content can't be bear at all. If  you find scraped content,get rid of it right away! If panda find a large number of scraped content,there is no doubt that it can seriously hurt your website ranking very much. So keep away from scraped content.

5th: Clear low quality website content regularly

If you can't make sure that your website has the high quality website content,you need to clear your website. It is a good idea to make your website much clearer. It is also  the only solution here is to fix or remove the low quality ones and wait for the crawlers to come.

6th: Keep Away From Autogenerated Content

Autogenerated Content is considered as low quality,so it is not popular at all. Of course,the latest Google Panda also don't love it. If you are managing a shopping site, your task isn't easy because you can't get rid of these completely but if you add original content to them, this increases your chances to get your rankings back.

7th: Fill site with detailed seo content

If your website has a lot of short pages with 1-2 Paragraphs of text only,you should pay more atteniton on them. Indeed,Google Panda also hates these content. What's more, these pages with 1-2 paragraphs of text can damage your rankings. So add more text or remove the pages,and it's up to you.

8th: Keywords has a lot of outbound links

Even seo needs to optimize website by optimizing keywords,but it doesn't mean that you need to creat too many outbound links with the keywords. Too many outbound links are bad but when they are with keywords as anchor text, this is even worse.  So you should try to keep the anchor text of your outbound links diverse and limit keyword stuffed anchors as much as you can.

9th: Without Good Internal Linking Structure

As known to all,internal linking structure also has important effect for our website ranking. Getting rid of bad internal linking service is your best choice. Humans and bots like a clean navigation structure. Now with Panda this gains even more weight. Therefore, check your internal links and streamline your navigation ?this will help for sure.

10th: Pay more attention on Template Content

In fact,duplicate template content also is not good. If Google Panda find some duplicate template contents,your website also has bad effect. This can be a huge problem if you accept guest posts because authors typically include keywords in their links and their byline. Try to keep the anchor text of your outbound links diverse and limit keyword stuffed anchors as much as you can.

If you want to get more trust from Google Panda,you need to bear in mind that high quality website content is your final goal. So you need to have the most detailed understanding about ten ways to counteract Google Panda. Where there is a will,there is a way. You can get it!


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