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The Most Basic Knowledge About Google Panda

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In recent months,a lot of seo services company">seo services company find that ranking of optimization is very unstable. The most important reason is that Google search algorithm is updating. Google brings the latest  new search engine algorithm: Google Panda. Learn more knowledge about Google Panda,it means that you will learn more information about Google website optimization. Today,let's learn soem basic knowledge about Google Panda.

In terms of SEO company,they should pay more attention on the update of search engine algorithm. Each update of search engine algorithm will bring great influence on website optimization. There have been many updates to the Google search algorithm and every now and then webmasters find themselves in the situation where they need to make major changes to their SEO strategy in order to stay afloat. Some of the changes have a really considerable impact and the recent Panda update is one of those cases when you just can't pretend the changes don't affect you. So seo workers should pay more attention on Google Panda.

What is Google Panda? Now let's have really understanding about the definition of Google Panda. Google Panda isn't just another update to the search algorithm, many of which we have seen over the years. One of the special things about Panda is that it uses human reviewers to rate sites. No, not all sites are rated by humans but there is a sample of sites where human reviewers make the evaluation and after a pattern in reviewing is noticed, the job is continued by machines, which presumably use the same criteria as humans. So, if you have made the mistake to optimize your site only for bots, now you will be hit right between the eyes.

Why Google will bring Google Panda  in the search engine market? There are a lot of reasons available,but the most important reason is that Google wants to improve Website optimization environment and increase website quality. In fact,Google Panda is aimed at improving the quality of search results by removing low quality, spammy entries from the first positions. The first victims were the so called content mills but the later updates hit many other types of sites as well. What these sites had in common was that they had tons of useless content that was artificially pushed to the top results pages. Many sites who are (or considered themselves) no content mills were hit pretty hard because they exhibited similarities to content farms and if you don't want to be the next victim, or if you have already been hit yourself and wonder how to get back on your feet, here are some tips to help you.

All of these information about Google Panda is very important. We will have more introduction about Google Panda next article. Learn more information about Google algorithm,I will make sure that you will benefit from it. If you are interested in Google Panda,you also can learn it by surfing internet. In a word,if you want to become the most professional seo worker,you should know what kind of seo knowledge you should know.

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