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A Brief Introduction to the Nofollow Tag

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What is the so-called nofollow tag? Have you ever heard of the nofollow tag before? Actually, the nofollow tag is an HTML tag that tells search engine to bypass the links when it index the webpages. Nofollow tags are important in SEO, and it is appended to a hyperlink and allows webmasters or the search engine to control whether search engines follow a link or not. Generally, webpages with many incoming links, especially from those authoritative websites have a higher ranking in search engine than those websites only with few incoming links or with many unvaluable incoming links.

It is better for you to use the nofollow tag to  make your pages or links invisible in terms searc indexing and ranking if you are not willing to be found by the search engine actually. Actually, the nofollow tag is very popular in the past. It is up to you to decide whether you use the nofollow tags or not. Frankly speaking, you are advised to use no follow tags in some conditions or situations and it is important and helpful to the search engine optimization. There are the nofollow meta tags and the nofollow attributes on hyperlinks actually. Well, the nofollow meta tag is to tell the search engine, like Google and Yahoo whether to crawl a page or not. While the nofollow attributes or tags on hyperlinks are used to tell search engines whether to crawl or follow a hyperlink.

Well, when to use nofollow tags? Here we will give you some advice on when to use it. For example, we use nofollow tag to block the spiders to crawling certain number of external links when there are numerous amount of links on a page. The numerous links will impair the pagerank and authority of the page actually, so there is a need to use nofollow tags to limit the number of the outgoing links. What's more, you can choose to use nofollow tags when the content of the website has objectionable content  that will harm your reputation. Other situations, for example, when the number of incoming links to a page is minimal or when you are deliberately crafting page rank and so on, you can choose to use nofollow tags. For example, when you create a new website, you must want to link to only the valid and authority websites but not other websites to gain a hier page ranking, right? Then you can use nofollowing the "other" websites.

There are also many ways to use the nofollow tag actually. Here we will give you 3 main ways to use nofollow tags for a better search engine optimization.  First of all, you can pay for adverts or links to your website. Second, you can link to competitors without supporting their search engine optimization. Last, force indexing and crawl prioritisation of your own website. Hope that what we have introduced above can help you a lot.

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