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Three Steps Tell You How to Create Google Bomb

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As we have introduced in our previous article, the Google bomb is an activity to create enough backlinks to some webpages with anchor text though it may have nothing to do with the web page. It can put your webpage to the top of the search result for a specific SEO keyword. Actually, implementing the Google bomb technique has been regarded as one of the effective marketing strategies actually. Google bomb is usually used for comedic or satirical purposes. It can cause a certain search phrase to point to an unexpected page with some methodologies.

Well, you should know that the key of the Google bomb is Google's pagerank algorithm and the equivalent competing technologies. The Google bomb uses a relevant algorithm which is similarto the Google's. Just as one of the successful case of Google bomb - the "miserable failure", Sarkozy and Blair, George W. Bush has been on the receiving end of multiple Google bombs. Satirical magazine HugeDisk created the first one back in September 2000, by linking an expletive with a site that sold Bush-themed products. A Google search for the phrase í░miserable failureí▒ would take the user to Bush's biography on the official White House web site. It surely should be regarded as one of the most successful Google bomb actually.

The key element that leads to a successful Google bomb is to generate countless outgoing links to the high-traffic sites. Next, let's show you how to create your own Google bomb.

First of all, you should make an resonable plan. You should choose the most attractive keywords and you should choose many websites that have more traffics. You must have a lot of people to be reliable to cooperate. The number of links you need depends on a number of factors, including the PageRank of the sites the phrase is posted on as well as the precise phraseology. You should choose your objective who is unwelcome actually. Choosing the good professional seo objective can help you improve your visibility in public quickly. For example, Bush in the "miserable failure". You'd better choose phrase or words from the words which has been listed on the page of some specific search results.

Next, you are advised to build highly-ranked links. You are advised to build more links than an obscure phrase if you choose a popular phrase. The total numbers of links depends on a lot of factors. Last but not least, you should let people know that what you have done. There are various kinds of social networking sites which can provide various network friends for you. You can contact them to let them help you to place your link on their website. This method can help you creat your Google bomb quickly and more easily.

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