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Brief Introduction to Google Bomb

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Have you ever heard of the Google bomb? What is the so-called Google bombing? Here we will give you a short but useful introduction to Google bomb or bombing. Actually, it is a metaphor but not really a bomb. Google Bombing can be used to put your webpage in the top of the search results for some special keywords. It is a common word in the SEO areas. Generally speaking, it is an activity to create enough backlinks to some webpages with anchor text though it may have nothing to do with the web page. It is usually used for comical or satirical purposes actually. Well, Google bomb has been used for tactical media as the method or access to perform a 'hit-and-run' media attack on popular topics.

The origin of Google bomb should date back to 1999, when a search for "more evil than Satan himself" resulted in the Microsoft homepage as the top result actually. Then the first Google bombing with a creator was created in 2000. It was created by the Hugedisk Men's Magazine, a now-defunct online humor magazine, when it linked the text "dumb motherfucker" to a site selling George W. Bush-related merchandise. The purpose of google bomb is to inrease the web page's ranking algorithm with the consideration of keywords and the number of other sites that link to a page and the words used in the link description.

You are advised to enlist the websites that have high traffics when you decide to create your Google bomb. What should you know is that the success of Google bomb requires that many websites link to a specific web page with the use of specific words in the hyperlink. Choosing websites with higher traffics really is a good choice for you since their outgoing hyperlinks weigh more than the websites with lower traffics in Google's search algorithm.

Well, there must be some people who have such confusion that whether Google bomb is legal or not, right? Well, I dare to tell you that it is  100% legal, so you can make it possible to put your webpage into the top of search result if you can create a Google Bomb well. How to create a Google bomb? Actually, you are advised to create enough backlinks which should be linked to the specific website. Ensure that all your backlinks must contain the keywords in the anchor text. For example, you should build links point to specific pages with the keyword "i love you" anchor text if you want to put your webpage in the top of the search results for "i love you". Another way needs the spontaneous action actually. For example, your Google bomb can be created very quickly if you invite many of your blog readers or friends in your social platforms to help you place a link on their websites. These two methods are the common methods to help you create a Google bomb.

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