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Unveil The Relationship Between Blog and SEO

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As you may know, blog post is always regarded as one of the methods to optimize the search engine. Blogs are web site content management systems with additional functionality such as comments, trackbacks and RSS. It can be regarded as one of the best method to increase the page ranking actually. If used properly, blogs surely can help a lot in the whole process of search engine optimization. There are many efforts can be done to increase the page ranking or do better to the search engine optimization, or SEO. The relationship between blog and seo is closely, and it can be presented from the following introduction.

It seems that search engine show a strong affection to the blogs since they can be updated constantly or regularly. Some search engines, like Google show more interests to the new fresh content actually, so it will visit your blog constantly if you provide the fresh content regularly. So, it is beneficial for you to add blog to get seo benefits.

It is impossible to optimize your website only by giving large numbers of blogs, both personal ones and the commercial ones. It will do little to the search engine optimization actually. However, this situation can be changed if you can optimize your blogs just as the way you optimize your website. Although the blog optimization and the search engine optimization have some similarities, there are some differences actually. So, here we will give you some useful tips for the blogs optimization, or for the good search engine optimization.

First of all, a good design is the half of success. A standard template is to a blog pushing site what a same beautiful dress is to all girls actually. It is not comfortable for you to see all the girls in the world to wear the same dress, right? Although the dress may be very beautiful, it can't attract our appetite any more since every body have the same one. Well, it is the same with the blog. You are not advised to use the standard template to publish your blogs since it will lead to resentment to consumers and search engine. You are advised to hire a designer to do the design work for you actually.

Next, you should build the clear navigation. Use the sidebar to new posts and the site is to organize visitors be interested in your articles if they are securities. A good or clear navigation can keep your visitors standing longer in your blogs and bring more traffics to you.

Well, the time of page load is also an important element for the optimization of your blogs. There is no doubt that the fast page load is better for your search engine optimization and to increase your page ranking. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of readers just for the slow page load. What's more, this way can also help you a lot. Links in the placement of links to other websites / blogs and also for internal, make sure that you are rich anchor text keyword. Remember, it's always better to use the keyword "click here" or "more". It would be advantageous for you, when search engines crawl blog. There are other aspects which can be used to optimize your blogs, like tags, RSS, domain name and so on. You are advised to set foot in a larger areas in order to improve the relationship between blog and SEO.

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