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Learn More Information About the Difference Between White Hat And Black Hat Seo

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Do you know the difference between white hat seo and black hat seo? As a SEOer,it is very necessary for you to know the knowledge about their distinguish. If don't have clear understanding about them,you will fall into the trap of black hat seo. So in order to your website ranking and authority,you will learn more information about two kinds of SEO skills.

Difference One: Different Website Meta Tags

Meta tags play an important part in the website optimization,and you should know their importance. When it comes to white hat SEO skills,mata tags should involve keyword phrases properly and then acting accordingly,in order to make sure that the pages are represented accurately without any problem. However,black hat seo skills that are implemented in Meta Tagging involve the likes of stuffing and spamming,which are always harmful to website ranking.

Difference Two: Different Website Content

All of SEOers know that "Conthent is king" in the SEO industry,so we can make a conclustion that website content is very very important. White hat SEO always can publish 100% top quality website content for search engine and their website users,so reading the content of white seo skills becomes a very pleasurable experience. In sharp contrast,black hat seo always post some low quality website content with hidden way and bad website content would be hidden in a very solemn manner through these malicious practices which render the website blacklisted.

Difference Three: Different Linking Building

Apart from "content is king",seoers also need to know that "linking is queen" in the process of website optimization. So high quality linking building is also indispensable. White hat seo skills choose to use efficient link builind to improve their website ranking. On the contrary,black hat seo skills will involve link farming, which is the practice of exchanging links with other websites to boost one's own rankings where as inbound linking only leads to the website increasing the influx of traffic onto it. Even this skill can improve website ranking,in the long run it is harmful to website building.

Of course,there are also other difference between white hat seo and black hat seo which can be found in the process of web design. We will have more introduction with next article,so please pay more attention on our website. As a seoer,you will know that you need to learn some important SEO information every day. Search them online,and you can benefit from them some day.

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