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Short Introduction to The Google Sandbox Effct

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As to a seo firm, or the workers in the seo firm, you are surely very familiar with the word "google sandbox effect", right? Actually, you may have confronted with the experience of google sandbox effect with your website, right? It is common to hear someone complain that he started a new website and his website has started to receive decent traffics. However, his website dismissed from the first page of google. Why? One of the possible reasons should be: he confronted with the sandbox effect.

What's worse, there is no accurate answer to tell you when will the sandbox effect end. There is no fixed time period for the sandbox effects lasts. So, it is also a confusing problem or the tricky problem to the website. Generally speaking, the google sandbox effect will last longer if the optimized keywords are more competitive.

So, what is the google sandbox effect? In Wikipedia, Sandbox Effect is defined as the name specified to an assessment on how Google ranks all the web pages in its index.  For example, Google Sandbox is like a filter of websites. Your site will be automatically placed in the sandbox, if your site is regarded as a spam site. As you may know, there are many seo spammers who tend to cheat google search engine by cheating method. Spammers usually use black-hat SEO tactics to rank well as quickly as possible and when they are caught and the domain penalized they simply register a new domain name and start over. And google sandbox effect is one of the effective way to punish the seo spammers. To determine if your site is sandboxed or not yet indexed, you can just use the site order. For example, search site:your url in Google and to see whether your site is indexed or sandboxed.

What should you do if you are confronted with the google sandbox effect? Well, the best answer should be to concentrate on the link building from the high quality related websites, especially with high page ranking. Perhaps it is the best way to help you get out of the sandbox more quickly. Giving up is the most stupid way when confronted with sandbox. Don't give up easily since your website will gain the better ranking after the sandbox effect finish if you can use the common and legal seo techniques to maintain your website during the sandbox effect.

Well, actually, there are many efforts can be done by you to avoid the google sandbox effect. For example, you can build more traffics sources, but not put all your bet on the only one search engine. What's more, do not optimize your website exaggeratedly or illegally. Although links or backlinks are important to the website ranking in the search engine, you are advised to use it rationally.

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