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Part Two:SEO Press releases - 5W1H

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How to Write Your SEO Press releases?

It is acknowledged to all that a good seo press releases can bring back countless traffics to a website actually. So, it is the reason why many seo companies try their best to hire good seo writers or try their best to train their writers to provide the superior seo press releases with high quality. It seems very easy, however, there are lot things that you should to learn and there are many writing skills or techniques that you should grasp. This article will give you some useful tips on how to write seo press releases in a better way. You are advised to read this text carefully if you are interested in improving your seo press releases quality.

Well, as you may know that keyword plays an important role in the search engine optimization. As we have introduced in our previous articles, there are different keyword types. You should have a clear concept of your theme of the press releases, or you should write your news according to the given keyword. You must know that a keyword is which you are going to optimize for. Visitors type for some words of phrases into the search engine for some useful information, and it is where your keywords from. So, first of all before you write your press releases, you surely should have a clear comprehension of the optimized keyword which is connected with the products and service.

There are many seo keywords tools on the internet. There are also many free keywords tools actually, so whether you are working for a seo company or writing for your own website, you can turn to the keywords tools for choosing keywords. Through these kinds of tools, you can also analyse which kind of keywords will be more competitive and so on.

Next, we have talk something about the long tail keywords, which are also important to the website ranking. Actually, most seo company try to use long tail keywords to improve their website ranking in the search engine. Long tail keywords are those that are less competitive and less searched for, but collectively generate more total searches than your general, highly competitive terms. If doing better, it can also bring many traffics to your website.

Except these, there are some basic elements of your press releases, like title, summary, body, company introduction, press contact and so on. There are different requirements to different elements. For example, as to the title, you must ensure that the title include the optimized keywords or phrase or long tail keywords. And the title characters should be controled within 100. As to the summary or description, you are required to write 1-2 sentences, including 1-2 secondary keywords. The length of the description should not exceed 240 characters actually. As to the body, you are advised to write it with natural distribution of keywords and you are advised to give a proper keywords density.

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