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Part One:SEO Press releases - 5W1H

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This article will give you a brief introduction about the "seo press releases" through the 5W1H method. Actually, whether a company or the special seo firm should pay more attention to the seo press, since it can relate to the page ranking of a website in the search engine. SEO press releases is one kind of the quick method to make your keyword exposed to search engine and your user.

What is the seo press releases?

The search engine press releases should be regarded as one of the most important way to deliver news of new events  taking place within a company. Actually, an SEO press releases or 'search engine optimized' press releases is the way for your organization to communicate 'newsworthy' information to media and press contacts. But it is not as just we say. It is required to be written in a proper way that the keywords must be distributed naturally with a proper keyword density. And the press must be designed to have proper backlinks which can be used to attract traffics and can rank well in the search engine.

Why Publish professional seo Press releases?

Actually, we publish the seo press releases since there are various kinds of advantages or benefits for our website ranking or page ranking.

If you can get the best way to publish seo press releases, you surely can improve your website ranking obviously. There are many benefits actually. For example, the backlinks that are inserted into your press can direct large traffics to your website. Well, as you may know, it can improve your ranking of your website. And, it can improve your visibility in search engines by publishing more excellent presses with the excellent keywords density actually. All in all, it can improve the ranking in the search engine and can bring many profits to your company. What's more, it can help your new website escape from the Google Sandbox quickly.

When and who to releases your seo press?

Actually, you should be familiar with the scratching time of the seo spider or crawler whose work is to get the useful information to the search engine regularly. You should releases your press regularly which can make your press easily and quickly be crawled.

The seo press can be published by the business company or the seo firm actually. Generally speaking, a company can do it by yourself since it is not difficult to submit some articles to the search engine or hire some experts to do so. Well, there are actually some skills to get a higher ranking. You can turn to seo firms for help if you find it difficult for yourself to improve the website ranking in the search engine.

Where to publish your seo press releases?

You can publish it in your official website in the newsroom. This is a category which is designed specially for the seo press or news actually. What's more, you can publish it in some blogs, commerce platform, social platform, like facebook, google+, twitter and so on. Attention, you must insert proper backlinks to the press actually, which can bring you countless traffics if you do a good job.

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