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Important Google SEO Ranking Factors

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There are many factors that affect your website's ranking in the search engine, that are the reasons why your website's ranking can be changed actually. We must admit that the ranking actually is not stable since there are so many factors that decide the ranking. Here we will give you a brief introduction on the top important google SEO ranking factors for you, hoping that it can help you in your search engine optimization.

Actually, the ranking is the result of many different factors. Let's begin with the domain age. Generally speaking, the age of URL is very important to your seo ranking. Just as we tend to buy goods from the famous brands which have long history. Or in other words, from the view of common consumers, longer history represents the quality and credibility assurance. So, when it comes to the issue of seo ranking, one of the most important google seo ranking factors is thd age of domain. The end users tend to choose the website with long history since the age of your website helps build trust among users. This is one of the important factors.

Your URL structure should be clean or there shouldn't have any random string of characters at the end of your URL's. And your domain hosting plays an important role in your website's ranking actually. You are advised to use a reputable hosting company. The cheapest hosting is not advised to use actually. What's more, if you have a virtual server, make sure that your neighbors on your server are not classified as spam. The above factors are really the essential google seo ranking factors.

Apart from this, the content of your website is very important actually. A good content is the foundation of the good traffic and good ranking. Make sure that your text have the targeted keywords and ensure that the keywords can spread throughout naturally. Remeber that your content should fit for the needs of we human beings, since your users are natural human beings, but not the search engine machine. What's more, rational or resonable internal link structure is also very important to your ranking. Ensure that there are rational internal links which can link your inner pages correctly and fluently. Visitors tend to continue their reading or clicking if there are many links there. For example, when I search for seo, there will be some introduction about the seo, like seo doorway page, seo links, which are strange to me, so I am happy to see the links which link to the introduction to the seo doorway page and seo links. Well, this also will keep visitors staying longer on your website, and expand the traffic on your other pages actually.

As we have pointed out, keywords play an important role in the google seo ranking and it is really one of the important google seo ranking factors. You should have the ability to choose the proper keywords which have large traffic but less competition. Learn to control the keywords density since it is not good to have too many or too few keywords on your page. You should ensure your targeted keywords can be spreaded naturaly in your page or website.

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