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Choosing the Best SEO Keyword For Better SEO Effect

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SEO keyword, usually is regarded as the milestone of search engine optimization. Generally speaking, seo keyword can improve your ranking in the search engine. Searchers usuall tend to type their wanted words or phrases in the search engine to get what information that they want. Then the search engine returns the results to users on the basis of the keywords.

So, if you can choose the proper and accurate keyword for your website, your website ranking will be higher and higher since your website will have many visitors every day. How to select the right keyword seems the confusing problem of many companies and seo firms. From my point of view, you'd better have a clear understanding of the seo keywords. Well, let's talk about its classification, or its category at first. Generally speaking, it can be classified into two categories, head terms and tail terms. The head terms have a length about one or two short keywords and have a higher search volume. While the long tail keywords have typically three or more that tend to have a low search volume compared to head terms. And almost every seo firms tend to use both head terms and the long tail keywords.

Well, there are also another classification method, in which the keyword can be classified into 4 main types. Firstly, brand keywords. This kind of keywords are closely connected to your business name, business category and so on. Another kind of keyword is the so-called PPC keywords, which is the abreviation of the Pay-Per-Click Keywords. Literally, this kind of keyword should be required fee whenever you use it. Next is the generic keywords, which are keywords that are indirectly associated with your company brand, but those which indirectly connected with your brand or busines. Last is the organic keywords, which are naturally occuring keywords. Only when you have a clear awareness of the keywords can you choose it properly.

There are many ways to choose a proper seo keyword for your website actually. For example, there are special keyword tools which can be used, like the Google Insights for Search, and so on. When you type in the keyword, there will be many related long tail keywords in front of you. This can be used to expand the long tail keywords actually. Also, you can choose it form the related search. For example, when you type "scaffolding", there will be scaffolding types, scaffolding functions, scaffolding materials and so on, which can be used as long tail keywords actually.

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