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Basics and Functions of SEO Spider

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As you may know, the seo spider is designed to crawl large number of the website and website that involve the web browser. It is one kind of software to follow links throughout the internet to crawl corresponding content from web sites and add it to the search engine databases. We can't suprising by the complicated net of the spider since it follows links from one site to another site and from one page to another page reasonably and accurately.

From the definition of th seo spider, it is obvious to tell the importance of the links to your website since it can improve your ranking in search engine. Search engine will have more chances to grab more information from your website and improve your website ranking if you can get links to your website from other websites. The seo spider will stop and have a visit to your website if it find the useful links to the search engine. It is similar to the work principle of crawling webpages. Spider can find your pages by following links from other web pages. However, you can request a visit by the seo spider by directly submitting your web pages to the search engine. However, not all submissions can be accepted by seo spider since there are so many web masters submitting their sites over and over, and the spider is interested in only the natural web pages. Or in other words, it is better to be found by the spider.

The functions of seo spider is to follow all the links on website page after page actually. Then your page content will be stored into database. The search engine spider visits a website for the file named robots.txt which is a sign to tell the spider the web pages to index.

Taking google spider for an example, we will give you a detailed introduction. First of all, the webmaster first submits their web site to the googl webmaster tools and it will check the status of the website of the webmaster actually. For example, googlebot is one of the webmaster tools  which is used to crawl the website. SEO spider will scan the site components until it find the new website and new content. Google spider program basically forms a snapshot of the new website and all its web pages, as it visits and crawls through the website. The crawled information is then added to the Google index after your new website and pages are stored. As a result, your web site and pages can be read whenever the users types for related phrases, keywords, site in search engine.

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