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The Most Professional SEO Expert Teaches You How to Calculate Keywords Density

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When we layout website keywords,we need to take into account keyword density. If we optimize our website without considering keywords density,it is very easily for our websites to have keywords stuffing problem. It is a fact that keywords stuffing will have a bad influence of our website search engine ranking. How to calculate keywords density? There are some steps which can help you.

1st: You need to write your web page and website articles on Microsoft Word,and it is a good way to calculate your website content keywords density. Please bear in mind that , it it allowed for you to change tense or add punctuation marks into a key phrase.

2nd: You should go to the toolbar at the top of Microsoft Word. Click on "Tools." From the drop down menu, click "Word Count." It is a good tool to calculate the words of our website content and you can figure out the word count by just clicking on the tool now up.

3rd: You need to note that number and write it down if you have to. These numbers can be noted with different dates and you will find them when you use this tool.

4th: You need to go back to the Microsoft Word toolbar, clik on "Edit", then click on "Find." In the window that appears, type in your keyword or key phrase used. It will then tell you how many times the keyword or key phrase has been used in the article. Note this number. You should write it down and click ctrol + H keys,you will can use this procedure.

5th: Now it is the time for you to use your calculator,and it is a good inventor,which can make us calculate keywords density more easily. On your calculator, type in the number of times the keyword is used, then hit the "/" button or equivenelt division sign, then type in your word count. A strange looking number will appear. Then immediately multiply that by 100. The resulting number is your keyword density.

6th: Add or subtract text and recalculate the keyword density until it is just right.

Yes,it is very easily for us to calculate keywords density,and the most important thing is that you need to find the most accurate way. In a general way, the most appropriate range of Keyword density is 2% to 8%, which is conducive to the website ranking in the search engines. Professional SEO experts think that about 5% of keywords density should be relatively ideal.

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