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Keep Away Web Design Mistakes, Make Our Website More Standard

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When webmasters build their website,they hope that they can have fascinating web designs,which can attract more clients. Good web design indeed are very important and it is related with the website ranking and traffic. How can we build the best website? The most important thing is that we need to keep away some common web design mistakes.

For webmasters,they need to have a detailed understanding about these web design mistakes. Certain common errors of web design are enlisted below:

1. The catalogue of the website id too deep

If the catalogue is too deep, it will not good for the searching engine to index, at the same time, the Url address use the chinese name and it is hard for the searching engine to identify.

2. The Stuffing of the keyword

In order to make more website keywords have ranking in search engine,webmasters always layout too much keywords in title,description tags. In fact,it is a bad practice and it is keywords stuffing.

3. The website page has some redundant code

The redundant code will influence the speed of loading the  website, and increase the index difficulty of the searching engine. So we should do a dietfor the code of the website.

4. Dynamic URL website address can be found in the website

The search engines don't feel good about dynamic URL website address. At the same time, Dynamic address gain the burden of the web server, when the traffic of the website is too much, it will quit to work. So we should do the Static for our site.

5.  Doesn't make full use of the description tags and the keyword tags of website

In fact,each page should have specific description and instruction, from the description we can do guidance to the searching engine and our users.

About these web design mistakes,webmasters should keep away them forever. Only in this way,can our website bring more traffic and better search engine ranking. So take action,and build the most standard website.

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