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Should We Support The SEO Doorway Page?

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Have you ever heard of the so-called seo doorway page, or bridge page? Well, it refers to the web page which is designed or created for spamming the search engine index. SEO doorway crawls the index of search engine by inserting some special phrases or links with purpose. It aims to send visitors to a different page. It is called the doorway page since it is standalone page designed just as the doorway to your website. Many SEO firms tend to use it actually.

If your site is the mouse, the search engine is the cat. Many seo companies just tend to use seo doorway page to generate traffics by playing the cat and mouse game with search engine. Some seo firms tend to use available software to help them. When asked, most seo firms who use seo doorway page may say that they have no choice but to choose this kind of method sometimes since their client refused to allow them to edit any content on their website actually.

Generally speaking, it is a doorway page, or bridge page if you can't reach the page by following the right site navigation. Sometimes, you find yourself are attracted by the click-through advertisement for a website, right? However, when you entered, you will find it actually is only an one-page advertisement but not what you need to look for. Or in other words, you are not willing to visit this kind of web page, or you hate it actually. We may click it when we have no idea about this kind of page. How about when we have tried it several times? Are you going to click it again? Or what would you do after you having clicked it? There is no doubt that this kind of traffic is only a false appearance to both seo firms and their clients. Actually the seo doorway page can't bring the real consumers to clients, but only some "strange" visitors.

How does doorway page work? Generally, when clicking by visitors from the search engine result page, you will be sent to another page in second. Well, some seo firms use special software to achieve this goal while you can use Javascript from the server configuration file. Actually, it is not difficult for search engine to detect this kind of pages since the seo doorway pages are designed specially for search engine but not for we human beings. And sometimes, they are the direct copies of some high ranking pages. As you may know that, search engine has the ability to detect the similar pages and delete it. So, the seo doorway page will be deleted if search engine detect that it is cheating.

Frankly speaking, seo doorway is a cheating method actually. It is not used for a long-run aim and it will finally be punished by the search engine. We hold an opposed attitude towards the using of seo doorway page.

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