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Different Kinds of Network Marketing Platforms in China

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In today's Search Engine Marketing Service market,make full use of Social networking ,Online community ,Blog, Encyclopedia,,BBS,B2B,Classified Ads,Bookmarking, Q & A , Micro-blog and so on platform and media resource to optimize our website. By these network platforms,website can increase web exposure,thereby enhance website comprehensive performance,and come true product sale final goal.

Blog Marketing:  build company product blog ,and promotional company products by popular blog resource.,thereby bring more website traffic and more product sales.

BBS Marketing: BBS marketing is becoming more and more popular in China,and company can realize the goal of word-of-mouth promotion by BBS marketing. Thereby come true spread far and wide marketing effect and bring more product direct selling;

B2B Submission: in the Alibaba, hC360 and other B2B platforms build website shops. It not only can enhance website authority,but also can bring more direct selling.

Classified Ads Submission: it is the new generation of Internet application mode.and it makes the network become more popular among people and much closer to people's life. For example, 58.com ,ganji.com , baixing.com are very popular classified ads websites and we can use these website to publish company product information, thereby come true website propaganda and direct selling.

Q & A marketing: it belongs to Interactive Marketing new marketing mode.  It can have a contact with potential consumers, at the same time to implant advertising. It is the best ways for Brand Reputation and  Interactive Marketing .  We can publish question information in Baidu, Tianya and other Q & A  platforms. Use our company information to answer some questions and make company product implanted in a Q & A. By in this way,company can achieve good Word-of-mouth marketing effect and product direct selling.

Encyclopedia Marketing: it is an application with an online interface to a database of information that a sales person might want to help a customer make a purchase decision. Information in the database might include brochures, product details, competitor information, market research, and white papers, among other things. Wikipedia, Baidu encyclopedia,sousou encyclopedia and other encyclopedia platforms are very popular. We can build company website and product information in these platforms and it is also good for website optimization and product sales.

Micro-blog marketing: Micro-blog is widely used in China,and China's major web portals such as Sina, Sohu and Tencent have all started micro-blogging services. At present, China's largest web portal Sina claims to have more than 5,000 company micro-blog users, including Starbucks, Channel, and IKEA. We can make full use of  Micro-blog to publish company information and setting up good corporate image and product image. Update website information every day and tell your fans and other people your latest product information and  achieve the purpose of the marketing.

Reciprocal Linking: it is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Besides more traffic,it also will make search engine spider index more our website contents and pages ,and enhance website authority.

If you have use China network marketing platforms in your website optimization,there is no deny that your website will achieve the best website optimization effect.

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