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Blog SEO Tips: You Should Learn More Knowledge About Them

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Indeed,there are a lot of SEO techniques available when it comes to SEO industry,but there is no deny that blog SEO is one of the most important and the most popular SEO skills,and your site can get more free traffic if you can make full use of your blog SEO. When you use blog,there are some tips you need to know,and they are very important!

Blog SEO Tip one: layout keywords in the most suitable density. We all know that keywords are very important in one SEO  article. You must a blog owner to repeat your keywords often in any page you write. The search engines extract the main keywords by extracting the keywords that repeat too often. Thus the search engine knows the main keywords in the blog or any page in the blog by noting the keywords that repeat too often. Thus repeating the main keywords is a sort of search engine optimization. It must be between 3 % and 8% of the total keywords in the page. Keywords repeated too often will lead to penalization for the blog as it would be considered as a spam.

Blog SEO Tips two: update your blog regularly. You should know that publishing your blog should regularly,and you should arrange the time your publish your blog. If you post new article to your blog 3 times a day on your blog or more, Google think that your blog have the latest news about a topic and always provide fresh contents. As a result, you'll rank easier. If you have a new blog, start posting once every 3 days and increase your post to once a day after 1 month. If your blog has been there for certain period, it's up to you.

Blog SEO Tips three: blog pages long is also very important. Please don't publish your blog content less than 250 words. It is very necessary for you to keep the pages long enough. This is to ensure that the blog post will be indexed and will remain in the index for the highest period of time. Posts that are too small will not be good for the search engines to index them. The post also can include relevant links at the end of the page to give more help to the users and increase the relevancy to the specified keywords.

Blog SEO Tips four: enrich your blog content. If you want to make search engine spider love your blog,you need to make sure that your blog has rich content. Search engines love content and increasing the amount of content is a sort of search engine optimization and a way to improve ranking. Also increasing the amount of web pages in the blog also make the blog informative from the point of view of the search engines which will lead to more traffic.

In conclusion

Now that you have know that blog SEO is very important in the process of Website Optimization,you should use it as soon as possible. Then you can benefit from it.

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