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Google Slam the Breaks On Google Realtime Search

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I guess most of you guys have experienced í«404 error' at Google Realtime Search. Sometimes when I search at Google, I will get those í«404 error' and I guesses the  feature seems to have disappeared. That's really a big news for company who have done SEO at social media.

Sometimes I just think why Google's Realtime Search has recently been turned off ? It is said that the contract between Google and Twitter has been terminated and that's the main reason why 404 error' happens. That owns to the key source of real-time information for any search solution. And also that's why more and more people update their social media to do SEO.

What makes me thought unbelivable and ironically is that Google released this news via a twitter update for its Google Realtime Twitter feed. Actually that could be known that Google Realtime search created SERPS through real-time from numerous resources including Facebook, Google Buzz, MySpace, Quora, Plixi, Me2day, FriendFeed and of course Twitter.

Okay, I can accept this reply. But why? Why they've terminated the contract with these real-time sources? I just wanna know why. That will be do a great influence in our SEO results. But I was told that nobody really knows for sure. It is belived that Google has plans to integrate its newly launched social facet, Google+ into the Realtime Search features and thus saw no point in giving Twitter more exposure in its search results. Although Google has not provided any clear answer as to why it didn't extend the agreement with Twitter, here's hoping that realtime search is gone for good. 

Recently more and more people have applied social media to build their brand presence. Therefore that's really a crucial role for SEO presence. Anyway, we do hope Google realtime search is gone for good.

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