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Be Informed of SEO Techniques on Website Optimization

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Last day, while chatting with one of my old school classmates, she asked me "what do you do?" Well, I told her I am a SEOer right now. But she told me she had no idea of such a position. Okay, I know SEO is often shrouded in mystery. Actually in reality the process of search engine optimization is nothing more than the application of mathematical criteria to be friendly to each search engine.

Google and other search engines apply algorithms to calculate the quality of the pages and rank them on SERPS. Therefore it's quite important to place keywords rationally on pages so that they could get high quality ranks from these search engine. Actually if you wanna do excellent website optimization you should make full use of their algorithm as well as control the direction and focus of your SEO campaign.

Shanghai Trueland as one of the leading website optimization supplier in China, they have formed a series of sysmetic training courses. They've been trained individuals and groups to optimise websites to a professional level. As long as you wanna do keywords optimization or paid search engine campaign, you could contact Trueland freely and be taught everything you need to know on SEO. From the basics of keyword research, and competitor analysis, to application of your chosen keywords on-page, and effective high quality link building.

Trueland share everything with you that you will need in order to be successful. Anyone who wanna keep up to date with SEO industry, let's say competitive and expertise, you should have the best sources of SEO back-linking sites and news and share strategies for testing algorithm fixes so that your websites don't suffer the Google í«slap'.

One more thing to do excellent website optimization, you should pay special attention on customers' experience rate on websites, including on and off page criteria such as, bounce rate, duplicate content, page load speed, frequency of content updates and etc.

Are you waiting unpatiently to learn more latest informations to rank top on the SERPS? Wanna know specific Google í«search engine optimization' successful projects since 2005? Be alarmed to learn more SEO techniques that 99% of the industry don't know, understand or use. What are you waiting for? Choose Trueland, choose success!

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