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The Factors to Improve SEO Conversion Rate

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In our daily life we'll always say the top priority of our website is to increase SEO CR greatly. Then what is CR? CR stands for conversion rate. Website conversion rate is the ratio between the amount of visitors that you receive compared to the amount of sales, phone calls, on information requests that you receive from those visitors. There is a wrong assumption among webmasters that as long as the website receive more traffic they could have high CR.

Actually it's all depends. To some extent the more the traffic, the higher the CR. However, sometimes, with limited traffic to your sites, you could also have a higher CR. That means you should increase your website's customer experience. Under such conditions, you increase your volume of traffic, you benefit with a magnified effect. That's really a great improvement for SEO, right?

Actually SEO CR could be governed by many factors. Visitors who complete a purchase, request products informations, download contents or signed up to your newsletter could all be seemed as the increasing of CR. It all depends upon your call to action, how compelling it is and what your desired end result is. While you go through this process, it is important to bear in mind that some of the changes that you make will not necessarily be improvements, and only by testing changes one at a time will you be able to separate the successful updates from the failures.

During your daily work, if you wanna have a higher CR, you should use the right color for your website, the layout of your page, the content of your site, the structure of your content and the actions you thought as the complement of CR. The content and structure of your website could really have a profound effect on your SEO CR. The most important thing to consider when working on your conversion rate, is to test and measure everything. Only then will you be able to accurately determine the outcome of each action that you take.

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