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How to Create the Most Excellent On-site Optimization?

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We all know that Search engine optimization (SEO) can be divided into two important phases. They are on-site optimization and off-site optimization. The on-site optimization is the first thing we need to do when we build our websites. The off-site optimization also can be consider as link  building. Today,we will have more understanding about how to create an excellent on-site optimization.

When it comes to on-site optimization,there are four important factors which you need to take into account.

1. Title

If you hope that search engine spider can grab your site content more easily,you must write best title. There are some guidelines which you need to obey. When creating a title for your web page, make sure that it is between 40 to 70 characters long. Title with less than 40 characters may lack information for the readers while characters in excess of 70 might not be displayed in the search engines.

2. Description

Website description also can be found in search engine,so we also need to write good description. As is known to all,description is displayed below the title tag in search results. The length of description should be around 100 to 160 characters long for it to be displayed properly. It should discuss briefly what the web page is all about so that readers will have an idea if it contains what they are looking for.

3. Website content

"Content is king " is a very popular words in SEO industry. If our website can't offer top quality content,it is very difficult for our website to attract more and more clients. We should provide exactly what our title is all about and what we provided in the description of our content. With good contents in our website, our readers might link to our website and this will make our off-site optimization easier. So pay more attention on content is very necessary.

4. Header Tags

We also can't ignore the importance of header tags while we are building our website. We should know that header tags should contain our keywords. By this way,it will tell search engines what our web page is all about and it will increase the chance of having a higher page rank.

On-site optimization plays a very important in the process of Search engine optimization ,so we need to spend more time and engergy in our on-site optimization. If you can't have a clear understanding about how to build on-site optimization,you can find these information on professional seo forums.

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