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What Would You Do to Manage a SEO Project?

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If you come across a new SEO project, let's say a stainless steel pipes website want you do optimization on their company's website, you firstly will have a look on their site, will you? Which parts will you pay special attention to? In most, I guess you will surely look at their page rank, will you?

At the beginning, page rank is google's designated grade or ranking system for the estimation of the quality and trusty of your site. There are 10 grades, 1 to 10. The bigger the number, the better the site. Of course you should pay enough attention on them, however don't live and die by what Page Rank is displayed in your toolbar. Google undoubtedly has a Page Rank assigned to your site, but only they know what it truly is since they really don't update it that often.

Another data for you to pay heeds to is the spiders. Spider is not what we know in natural world, it deems just as one type of robot who  crawl the World Wide Web and, of course, your website. Don't block them from accessing your site. You know what you will suffer if you allow no entrance of these spiders.

Thirdly you should get to know long tail theory. Never neglect the conspicuous effects of long tail search queries. Actually it's the long tail search queries that will ultimately bring the most qualified traffic and most conversions. The longer the query, the more exact the target. That means the users may have a high converse rate if your products or informations satisfying their needs.

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