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SEO Tips: Add Your Local Site on Search Engine Map

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Statistics have shown that SEO service have increased largely since last years. More and more local companies have joined the ranks of do SEO services for their websites. The main search engine on the search engine market is Google, Yahoo and Bing. They develop a great many advanced SEO services to fulfill their local markets.

Set your geographic location in Google's Webmaster Tools. Yellow Pages are one of the first places where potential customers look when searching for a local vendor. And also you could write informative posts in article directories and include your contact information in the resource box. That will bring value to your business.

No matter what your business may be, make sure you have a high ranking on the local searching pages. Let's say you run a flower store, you surely wanna increase your ranks in search engine for the Valentine's Day, don't you? Considering customers who come to buy flowers from your stores, you must offer the exact location to the search engine, so that the local people could buy flowers from you directly.

You could also add your location to some famous websites include Yelp, Ask, Yahoo and Google Places. Therefore when people search the related keywords they will be informed by your detail information. Another good point to get orders from customers is to ask customers to write reviews and leave feedback on Google Places or Yelp.I'm sure these reviews, good or bad, make your company more credible to potential clients. Your business will rank higher if it has positive reviews.

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