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Seo Tips on Google PR Score and Google Site Quality Score

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Recently the bulk of China foreign trade websites search traffic which are mainly comes from Google.com . Therefore it's quite important to increase the centent of your website. Today we will focus on two main seo terms to evaluate the performances of your sites: Google PR score and Google site quality score.

Google PR Score

Page rank of Google is really an important factor to evaluate the quality of one site. As we all know websites 'Pagerank' or Google PR Score is a metric index which is used to gauge the link and measure the link juice passed between websites via links.

Surely your sites could be rewarded by links from a site with a high PR score and your site definitely will be benifited from high PR. It is said that your sites just like receive 'some' of the PR score (link Juice) yourself. In simple terms, the more sites that the page links to, the less PR is passed through each link. And that's will do great benifits to one site and their organic seo services. For example, a high PR could allow your sites be indexed on the SERPS. Therefore, more potential customers could visit your sites.

Google Site Quality Score

Actually 'Website Quality Score'  is a metric index which is used to gauge the overall quality of your sites. There are several factors work together to form the overall quality score of websits including 'User Experience', build quality and functionality, branding and associated metrics which support your brand, content quality including originality of content, originality of page titles, meta data, even image originality. The oringinality of website is quite important for seo services.

You should never underestimated the performances of Googlebot. They could easily identify the overall content of your website and decide whehter to increase the Google ranking of your site or demote your sites that are 'un-naturally' weak in one or more specific areas of scoring.

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