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Analysis Reasons on Google SEO Rankings

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As we all know, followed the update of Google Penguin, there are lots of sites have been lost from top SERPs. That's really a crucial issue for Google seo rankings. Considering the heated discussion on this topic, we've analysised several real cases and concluded two two fundamental reasons why your site has lost rankings, or has been dropped completely.

There are a great many blogs and article submitting websites which are shut down overnight. You see Panda 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 targeted Many Blog rings, article networks and other SEO based link building systems used to promote websites in SERPS. As long as they are shut dow, those backlinks for your sites are lost overnight too. It's a great possibility that penalties should be imposed on those sites and the Google seo rankings will lost from the SERPs is really a quite acceptable reason, doesn't it?

For those  í░unnaturalí▒ or over-optimization sites which could be informed from Google webmaster tools, you should pay much attention on it. Let's say blog marketing way, there are a great many people apply blogs to add links to their sites. Actually that's really a clever tactic, as it allowed Google to target the networks it was after and de-index them all. However, just like Google has stated in their notice, they are designed to kill these sites sooner or later. So we guess you'd better make necessary adjustments for such conditions.

If the ranking of your sites have been dropped before April 24th, then it is more than likely that you lost some of your links, and that doesn't mean your sites will be penalised forever, as long as the other links are still works to your sites, your sites could be lifted. If you saw your rankings drop on or just after the 24th April then you were hit by Penguin. Penguin as I said before is a algorithm filter, if your site doesn't meet the criteria then you will drop in the rankings, and the size of the drop depends on the number and size of the infringements on your site.

So now you could see Google is quite faith in determine the quality of your sites right now and you'd better not over-optimize your site. From the real case, we concluded the golden teaching: Never underestimate the wisdom of Google. This doesn't mean that you should delete all your on-page SEO, but instead, tone it down to a í«natural' level. Instead of writing for Google spiders, write instead for the visitors that the spiders will bring you.

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