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Google SEO, Speculations on Google Rankings

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It's never short of talk, speculation and conjecture over the past few months or two on Google Panda and Penguin. Since April 2011, the update of Google Panda, we've undergone several adjustments to the Panda algorithm. However, not long after that, Google has updated a brand new algorithm, that is Penguin. And it has influenced the Google seo rankings greatly.

Speculation on Google seo  Rankings

Based on Panda algorithm, Google Penguin is an On-Page Spam filter for low quality website contents. As far as I know, some websites had already received manual penalty since the release of Penguin. Therefore, what you should do is either make yourself through the ringer to see whether you are quality sites that Google needs or not. So, if you have been penalised, when you make the right changes, your site will come back into the Google seo rankings. That means your sites can be lifted.

All these algorithms are worked together to give a better customer experience for visitors on your sites. If you ask yourself what Google is trying to achieve with these updates, it will go some way to helping you to give them what they want to see. Of course if you have been published by Google, you will have quite a lot of work to do, as you will need to clean up your on-page content as well as the links pointing to your site.

Just like what we've speculated before that whether Google give penality to those top ranking sites so that they will turn to paid search engine marketing such as Google Adwords and search marketing. That could easily be supported by Google's increasing profits. Actually it's a fairly compelling argument.

Therefore, have you ever speculated on the reasons why there are so many sites being published by Google Penguin? Are there any useful solutions to increase their Google seo rankings?

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