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Outlook for Google SEO Service by The Update of Google Panda

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Not long before, Google Panda 3.8 was rolled out and we all know it's a new test for Google seo services. Described by Google as a refresh and not an algorithm update. Believe it or not, it will surely do some improvements to the estimation of the quality of content.

Considering Google's persevere efforts on their application of a refresh on such a regular basis, we will be informed that Google works hard to improve their algorithm to reach their expectations. Google seo services based on Google Panda / Penguin Algorithm should also do some adjustments for the improvements on the quality of SERPs.

Actually you may discern the truth that Google update their algorithm which measures the brand to the business behind the website. That's quite a crucial improvement for Google seo service. This makes a lot of sense, except that the results that they now give seem to default to Amazon, eBay and Argos in the UK as the defacto top 3 results for almost any product.

As one of the best best seo company, our challenge is to provide a level playing field for the millions of small to medium enterprises that are not household names, so that they can get a slice of the pie too. However the problem is whether Google will continue improve their algorithm to comply for the most benefits of companies including smaller ones.

Of course Google don't wanna their users transfer to other search engines. Therefore we will keep an eye on their following measures. For more professional seo services, pls come to en.trueland.net .

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