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Looking Forward to Increase Google Search Engine Marketing

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It is generally assumed that as long as the company controls the devices,  they will control the market and ultimately make the most money. That's particular true at high technology market. With the court between Apple and Samsung, this point is proved extensively, proving it might be said that even in a global slump, it's the struggle between IOS system and Android system. With the fast development of smart phones, the mobile market are controlled by IOS and Android. More and more cell phones have installed Android system. If you search online, you will be informed with the growing Android market share, especially in google search engine marketing.

Google Android is a free and open source comparing with it's counterpart Apple IOS, which is quite self-contained. As we all know Google Android is aiming for the mass market, and as such offers its software for free to manufacturers so that it can gain the users it needs in bulk. The big challenge for Google, as it is for Facebook and indeed Twitter, is how to monetise mobile users. Anyone who do google search engine marketing surely will be happy to see the victory of Andorid, as that will surely increase their social media traffic by more market share.

We could take for granted as long as Google Android have the big market share, that will surely increse more brand presence on more mobile devices. According to the statistics, Facebook has seen its share price slashed in recent days as investors have woken up to the face that in the past 12 months, none of Facebook's profits have come from mobile devices which are now being used by 50% of its regular users.

We all know that the battle for Web 3.0 is fierce. Who will finally win the battle of Web 3.0? Actually no one can tell for sure who will be the winner. There is an argument that Google might itself be struggling once users go mobile in bigger volumes as they too have monetisation issues with the mobile format. Looking forward for the great improvement of google search engine marketing. For more information, pls come to en.trueland.net .

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