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Learn Necessary SEO Tips to Know Your Ranking Better

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Everyone knows where SEO comes from and what it precisely can do for your company. But no one ever things about the whole process, just about the final SERPs. Most of us usually will ignore the process of SEO. However make sure you know how does those SEO company do for your sites, or you may be tricked by them. Maybe your sites will be ahead of SERPs for a short period. Believe it or not, the time period will never for long. Worse of all your sites may even punished by Google.

Therefore, what are you expecting for? Great SEO performances of your website for a long period in normal way? Do you know some basic measurement of SEO? Then come to learn some necessary tips on SEO.

A broken link undermines the user experience, wastes search engine crawler resources, and can affect your placement in search engines. With the Google Analytics tools, you can find all the broken links on your site and quickly make changes. You could also apply Analytics tool to analyze the link structure of your site to determine which pages could benefit from more links from across your site.

You can also use your Google Webmaster Tools account to identify links of your site. Links are good. They can improve your placement, but a good SEO company will not link your site with a great many low quality links. Having too many links can potentially make the page more difficult to navigate, and could create other SEO problems.

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