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Bing Launch Link Disavow Tool to Influence SEO Algorithm

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For any webmaster, there always a concern for running the website, that is whether there is questionable links are associated with their sites. They doubt these low quality links will influence their estimation on search engine. The battle to beat negative SEO seems to be never ending. Therefore Bing has announced a new configuration area in Bing Webmaster Tools called "Disavow Links."

Bing made webmasters and SEOs alike happy by creating a Disavow Links Tool. Bing Disavow Links tool allows users to remove the link association questionable links. The tool is accessible using Bing's webmaster tools. Use the Disavow Links tool to submit page, directory, or domain URLs. Using the Disavow Links tool, you can easily and quickly alert Bing which link is questionable.

The tool is for submitting an unlimited number of questionable links to alert Bing. In that way webmasters who were concerned about low quality links pointing to their websites, could easily disavow them, instantly negating their effect on their websites. We all know the bad effects of í«Negative SEO'. With the help of this tool, bing will have the potential to give webmasters back control of alleged í«Negative SEO' practices. Once this tool exists, it will no longer matter where your links come from, as if you don't want search engine to count the link, you will be able to easily exclude it from their ranking process.

Actually at the beginning Google has announced they were thinking about the possibility of adding a Link Disavow Tool to Google Webmaster Tools. When we wait for the tool from Google, Bing have gone ahead and released exactly the same tool in their webmaster tools section.

With the release of such tool, people kept thinking why? Doubt whether the search engines are planning an new algorithm that will give totally change on SEO? Can we expect Bing to revise their algorithm in the near future to work more efficiently?

What do you think?

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