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Stop SEO Marketing on iPad, Apple Got iPad Trademark in China

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For those science and technology enthusiasts, especially people in China, I'm sure recently you'll be informed with the news that Apple have settled on a price for the Trademarked name iPad in China. As we all know trademark of iPad had quitted from China Mainland market because the trademark of iPad had been registed by others. I guess this surely won't be a good news for people who do SEO website centrled on Pad products in Mainland market.

As we all know the market for SEO services on digital products are quite rich. Over the past times, they were facing the prospect of lawsuits for trademark infringement in the country or even the prospect of not being able to sell the iPad in China at all. Therefore there are a great many opportunities for those websites to do SEO for their websites to sell brand 'ipad' products.

However with the pay of $60 Million from Apple, selling China made 'ipad' won't be released any more. The price paid is small change to Apple who are currently sat n over $90 billion in cash, 60% of which it has accumulated in the last 12 months. Apple now has a green light to sell its soon to be released iPad 3 in China which is a massive market for the company.

There you can see guys who have do SEO services on brand 'ipad' products in mainland market should cease their marketing strategy right now, or they will be judged as illegal. Maybe you will be sued by Apple in Court just like Samsung. Who knows?

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