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Do Latent Semantic Indexing For SEO Anchor Text

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As is discussed above, there are still many more important area for SEO, especially for website optimization services. People usually ask for seo service company to do website optimization for their sites, however, you can do it in small ways. Today we will introduce some usefull small tips to have a better optimization results for your pages.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

It is known to all that Google loves original, natural writing. It is nowadays a common sense that you should write content that is smooth in spelling, punctuation and grammar tips. With the update of Google algorithms, the Penguin, Google can easily detect spun content quite easily and can identify badly written content.

Therefore if you wanna havea a high quality site which is loved by search engines,  you should creat quality content that is grammatically correct. Of course if you are not confident, pay a copywriter to do it for you.

During the editing of the content of your website, you should pay more attention on anchor text in your links.

Anchor Text in your Links

Anchor text was the first area attacked by Panda and Penguin. Pay more attention on the variations of your keywords and the words favored by your visitors. You need to make sure that all your keyword  link densities are around or below 10%. The rest of your links should be your business name, brand name, URL, or junk links such as ¡®click here' ¡®more info'. They just can not be the same. You can not write the same anchor text in the same links.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent semantic indexing is the process of varying your linking anchor text so that while you include your primary keywords, you dilute them with other words in the phrases. Instead of using ¡®seo service¡± which is what you want to rank for, you should use ¡®seo service company', ¡®professional seo service', top professional seo service', 'affordable seo service', etc as these still give you the keyword benefit, but without looking like they have been constructed by you.

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