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Improve Dwell Time Contributes to Website Optimization

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At the beginning of each working day, I will write down the latest data of our website through Google Analytics. As we all know to analyse the data on Google Analytics is quite crucial for SEO. It's an effective tool to analyse your website and through those analyse we could do active optimization for our websites to update customers' experiences on our sites. There are some terminologies on it and today I will write a small article to introduce some to you guys.

Dwell Time on your Site

As is known to all dwell time is the time used to gauge visitors' stickiness for your sites. It's the time visitors spend reading your website's content. Compared with bounce rate, it is a effective measurement for the quality of your website's content. Bounce rate measures the the amount of people who instantly leave your site, therefore the dwell time is an indication of stickiness, and an important area of your SEO to concentrate on. The longer the time, the better the content.

Of course there are some useful tips for the improvement of your dwell time. For example, you could remove the contact column from your site's content pages and therefore these visitors who wanna contact with you have to go through to the contact page in order to make contact. Surely that will improve the bounce rate of your website as well as the stickness of your site.

Imagine what will happen for those people who search Google as a phone book to find your number or email address? The only result is that they will no longer contribute to your bounce rate figures, but will aid a reduction in bounce rate instead.

In a word, we improve our website's dwell time could do contributes to our SERPs, therefore to have a overall SEO performances in a long run. For more related informations, pls come to en.trueland.net .

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