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Wanna Excellent SEO, Say No to Duplication

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Be informed that Google could easily discern whether your content is original. That's quite crucial for SEO. If you copy some or all form other websites or source, Google could easily find the differences between them. They could judge which one is the original one and which one is the duplication. And they will penalise the duplication of course. This can work the other way too, as you may have had your site content copied by others.

Then what could you do to have a high quality content in SEO?

Even though you copy others' content, you should do some editing work. As long as there are some totally adjustments, Google will think it's an original one. However even in such cases you may end up being penalised for that even though it was originally yours in the first place. Therefore you should rewrite new content for your page so that you won't be penalised by Google. This has the added benefit of keeping your content fresh and up to date, which is a good thing for search engines to see.

Rate of Click Through from Google

High quality original page will get high rank on Google SEO results. Therefore you will get a great many clicks from Google from SERP's results. The less clicks you receive, compared to other sites, the worse your listing is seen as being, and you will drop in the rankings. Just like what we chatted above, you should write your meta title, keywords, descriptions in high relevances. When writing your page titles and meta description tags, think about people searching for your goods and services. Only in that way in SERPs users could get clue from the results that your page may have what they need and the amounts of clicks will increase largely.

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