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Apply Google Penguin in SEO to Get Improved on SERPS

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As a professional expert in SEO world, considering the dramatic SERPS on Google, we do wanna give you some useful tips which explains what website owners need to focus on if they want to rank well in Google, post Panda and Penguin.

This year Google have updated its Panda and the Penguin algorithm. Debate on whether the quality of SERPS has been improved at this point has undergone heated discussion. Among them there are results now include multiple pages from websites that the algorithm favours. Of course there is a marked increase in directory inclusions, which has always been something that Google has looked to avoid.

Here we want to share with you our thoughts and opinions on what you should do to have a quality content that will be favored by Google. Of course it will help you to get a higher rank on SERPS with targeted keywords.

Google Panda and Penguin are designed to filter spam sites from SERPS. And we all know a spam site is a site with low quality content but is rich in keywords, urls just for ranking purposes. And they are built to be supported by a large volume of low quality links from weak content resources too and in the meanwhile it is usually full of duplicate, spun or badly written content, it might be í░over-optimizedí▒ and crammed to the rafters with keywords rather than naturally written content, it might not comply with Google best practice regarding html coding.

With the updation of Google Panda and Penguin algorithm, right now these spam sites that are found to have been í«clocked' are being removed from the listings faster than ever before. I guess this is bad news for people who only wanna build websites for a quick win. However form the long term it will lead you to give better content and quality customer experience within your website. That will ultimately be good for your business. That's the top concern for SEO.

Therefore as long as you wanna have a good ranking by SEO services, you should pay much attention on Google Panda and Penguin algorithm to create quality webpage content for customers, will you?

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