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Google Quarter Profits: The Diversion of Google Penguin And SEO

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No one will deny the fact that Google is one of the leading companies in the whole world. And the business model for Google are largely dependent on their organic results for SERPS. As we all know organic results could lure traffic onto the most related site so that a percentage of them click on the paid Ads. With the annunciation of the 2nd record of Google's profits, more and more people have doubted the fairness of Google Panda algorithm by seeing a 40% increase in PPC click.

The overall results have incurred a heated debate on the question, where have they come from? What has changed their clicking patterns? Why are people doing this is volume now? Actually it does beg the question, whether Google have rewritten their algorithm to give more credits to PPC over SEO. Does the fairness of Google Panda loss their original intentions?

That's right, the fairness of search engine is just under severe doubtness of their users from all over the world. As we all know to find what you really needed and wanted is the core basis of Google's success. If their organic listings continue to favour large brands, directories, and multiple entries from their most favoured sites, then are visitors going to start voting with their feet? Moving forwards can often require a sideways or backward step first, and that looks to be where we are with Google currently. Google should give rationalized answer for millions of SEO users.

As we all know Google Panda is designed to do fair calculation for the quality of webpages' contents. And that's a crucial part for SEO services. If Google Panda is rewritten to help achieve the goals of the quarter profits of Google, we can only say it really has made it's shareholders happy in the short term.


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