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SEO Original Content Creates More RSS Feeds For Your Site

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I guess if ask anyone who have a business website, whether they wanna have a high click on their website pages, the answer must be definite. They will do everything they could to increase the page views and unique views of their sites. That's the benchmark of website's traffic. In what way could increase the click of your page? I guess the only way is creating more and more original content that are loved by search engine.

As we all know search engine optimization is a way to help your site to be friendly to search engine. Actually search engine don't know whether you are friendly or not. They are designed by engineers of search engine to work under some rules. And these rules are origined from customer's experience. As long as your pages are friendly for customer experience, search engine will give a high credit for your site. Therefore you could get more RSS feeds from users.

With more seo original content, search engine will give a hight credit for your site, in such cases these sites have high page rank, but most importantly Google loves them. Their favorite articles directories are ezinearticles.com, goarticles and articlesbase. The beauty of these sites is that other people can copy and paste your article on their site, creating another backlink. You can get hundreds of backlinks from one article! But remember all these can be done only under the requirements of original content of your site.

As we've chatted before, RSS feeds are widely used in our daily life and by many to keep up with certain topics. Everyday we will search some fresh content throughout the web, actually you could subscribe RSS feeds to help you waste no time. Actually in my daily work, I apply Google Reader to submit my linkpages rss feed to as many rss directories as possible. Most of the top rss directories have a high page rank. The best part is you only need to submit your rss feed once. However, be sure to ping your linkpages feed after publishing a new link. The rss directories will pick them up soon after your ping.

Therefore, as long as you wanna have a high credit and PR form search engine, you should have more original content. Only in that way, you could get more RSS feeds from customers of your site. Will you try this rule in your website? Only in this way, you will have a bright future of your site!


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